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I'm here to tell you that you're not alone--the majority of Internet marketers and home business owners feel stuck and confused about how to build up their traffic.

That's because traffic is the lifeblood of your site, and most of the usual stuff hyped to deliver traffic--the moving target "SEO" techniques, unresponsive "safelists", time consuming "traffic exchanges", old rehashed "how-to" ebooks and courses, expensive "pay-per-click" ads, and obsolete "submission software" simply does not work, or costs too much time or money to use.  

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"If you build it, they will come." It worked in the movies, but just putting up a website is no guarantee that it will draw traffic. You could buy ads, but if you're unable or unwilling to "pay to play," you're likely facing the increasingly daunting challenge of attracting customers to your website on your own.
Millions of sites are competing for users' shrinking time and attention. The hard truth is that the top three unpaid positions on the first page of Google search results receive about 58% of all clicks, according to online-marketing service Optify. Websites that appear on the second page? An average of 1.5%.

The traffic tool is a clear slide up promotion built with next generation technology--it's professional, pleasant to look at, and it disappears on its own. It features a ticking countdown timer that counts down and it disappears when the timer reaches 0, which creates ultra urgency and explodes click rates. And the traffic is targeted so you know only real potential prospects see your ads and visit your sites. The combination of these factors is incredibly powerful. Free Traffic Generator swallows the competition, hands down.

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Your best bet for attracting potential customers without spending money on advertising is creating content of such value that audiences can't help but feel compelled to seek it out or pass it along -- on a site that makes sharing it easy.
But how? Here are ideas for getting started publishing content that can help you increase online traffic, improve search engine optimization and possibly go viral in the process.
Original Articles -- Time investment aside, online articles cost little, can be easy to generate, and provide a way to brand company representatives as experts. Your articles could offer instructional learning, new methods for tackling problems or insight into best practices or industry leaders' views. Here are just a few article formats to consider:

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